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Times needs logical conservative voice

I write to endorse the views expressed by Fred Malo Jr. (“The Aspen Times can up its game,” Dec. 28, aspentimes.com)

One can be conservative without being nasty or mean. Today, the world needs more conservative writers, especially at time when governments seem bent on spending without any budgetary controls and willingly letting monopolists charge Americans far more for the same services than consumers in other countries. (Read “The Great Reversal” by Thomas Philippon)

One also can be conservative and seek to protect the environment from destruction by global warming. My friend, Jerry Taylor, left the Cato Institute to found the Niskanen Center. His goal is to push to address the problem of global warming from a very conservative approach. While we differ in views, we are friends and would never dream of engaging in vituperative attacks.

Jerry named his center for one of the nicest, most conservative economists I have ever known. Bill Niskanen would defend the free market to the end. A man of principle, Bill even resigned as Ford’s chief economist when the company pushed for tariffs on Japanese autos.

If the goal of a column is to convince readers and push rationality (something that Aspen really needs) then the Times’ next columnist needs to be an individual who seeks to convince readers of the benefits of the conservative approach.

Philip Verleger