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Times’ journalistic standards higher than Beaton’s

I strongly support The Aspen Times for its decision to terminate Glenn Beaton’s column.

This decision is mistakenly being characterized by some readers as an ultra-liberal bias supposedly inherent in the Times.

The decision was proper for a host of reasons. It is a privilege to have a newspaper column in the Times. Certain duties and responsibilities necessarily accompany that privilege. Beaton repeatedly violated those responsibilities.

I occasionally notified the Times and Beaton when I noted multiple factual errors, little, if any serious research, and inflammatory name-calling, which shed absolutely no light on the issues raised. Beaton’s writing was substandard, and below the norms of the paper.

In the future, I urge The Aspen Times to include a column with a conservative viewpoint by a writer who understands what good writing and journalistic standards entail.

Bob Morris