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Times have changed, lock your doors

As much as this is the last thing I really feel like talking about right now, especially publicly, I think it is important to bring the events of last night to the community’s attention. I live in the West End and was going to take my baby on a drive to help her sleep around 9:30 p.m. When I went outside to my driveway (in front of our house) carrying her in my arms, I noticed that the hatchback to my car was open. Not really thinking about it, I closed it and went around the car to put her in the car seat in the back of the car, passenger side. When I opened the door, the interior light went on and I immediately saw a man sitting inside my car in the backseat. It was absolutely shocking and terrifying. I started screaming at him and he exited the car and started walking away, down the street, and then towards Crossroads Church. I fumbled three times while trying to enter my password to call 911 and he wasn’t found.

Aspen (and the rest of the Roaring Fork Valley) used to be a place where you could leave your car doors unlocked and leave your home unlocked, too. It isn’t that way anymore. I cannot impress upon you enough that times have changed and it is crucial to keep your home and your car locked. Just imagine the terror you would feel if you experienced what I did, or worse yet, got home and found someone inside. It’s very, very scary, I assure you. He now knows what I look like and where I live. There are no assurances that he won’t come back.

Also, a close friend lives in central Basalt and just had her purse stolen from her car, which was parked in front of her house, as well. I don’t know if it was locked but the point is that times have changed and we need to be smart and take heed to protect ourselves and our families and friends.