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Time to work together on Crystal River Valley

The last time I looked, most of us who live in and enjoy the Crystal River Valley have homes on the east side of the Crystal River. We are in the midst of wildlife habitat. We create noise, and light, and traffic, and need for water, and gas, and electricity, and we demand facilities to meet our many needs for a community, and we demand adequate recreational facilities and hot springs and ski areas and rock and ice climbing areas, yet, I don’t hear from the consultants that we have reached capacity and some of us will have to leave so that we create less of an impact. Instead, I hear from population growth experts that we must prepare to meet the needs of our growing population.

Faced with these facts, I think it is time for us to try to work together to determine the best approach to protection of what we value. Part of what we value is each other and a shared love of our sense of place.

Dorothea Farris

Crystal Valley resident