Time to scrutinize Aspen-Pitkin County Housing Authority

Since Maurice Emmer claims to have knowledge of past malfeasance on the part of high-level Aspen-Pitkin County Housing Authority players (“Abuse at APCHA? I think so,” letters, Feb. 7,, he should go public with what he knows — perhaps in a guest commentary slot in this paper?

He wouldn’t have to name names, just specify the occasions and the circumstances of the alleged “abuse” — be it political patronage, secular simony, or just special favors among friends.

The press should be able to do the rest, if, as Emmer asserts, inquiring minds truly want to know, and if the fact that 95% of local reporters also live in APCHA-subsidized housing doesn’t compromise their curiosity.

While so many Aspenites are busy venting their indignation at small-fry alleged abuser Lee Mulcahy, and at those officials who negotiated with him behind APCHA’s back (whose justifications we really haven’t heard), perhaps we should also fish for the big-fry. The whole program is an albatross around the city’s neck, so let’s “get after it.”

Besides, if Maurice “puts up” in terms of what he knows, then his critics might stop telling him to shut up.

Chad Klinger

Snowmass Village