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Time to retire the deniers

Enough! The G-7, a group of seven leading economies, is now meeting in southern France. For the second year in a row, President Donald Trump has not joined the other heads of state to create plans to deal with global warming and climate change.

Imagine if you will that a hostile navy, air force and a fleet of nuclear missiles were bearing down on the U.S. and the president said, “It’s a hoax, I’ve got a tee time.” Wouldn’t we remove that person of their command; like, replace the commander in chief? This is dereliction of duty. This is a failure to protect the country from “all threats foreign and domestic.”

Catastrophic climate change is now in progress. This existential threat needs to be fought in the same way we fight a war. This is a “war of the worlds,” to echo H.G. Wells. The people who keep insisting climate change isn’t happening are a liability for the rest of humanity. The deniers include the phony scientists employed by the fossil fuel companies, the lying politicians who are on the take and care only about staying in office, and members of the public who just have a problem accepting the obvious. In war, those who aid and abet the enemy are escorted to “correctional facilities.”

We need to start forming the groups that will have the clout to make the changes. France had the yellow jackets; Hong Kong had the crowds in the airport. Enough already!

Patrick Hunter