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Time to impeach Trump

Democrats must immediately begin the impeachment of Donald Trump in light of his admission that he called the Ukrainian president to urge a corruption investigation of Joe Biden and his son. This gross abuse of presidential power to use discredited charges against his mostly likely presidential challenger is the red line that must not be crossed.

U.S. presidents cannot be allowed to manipulate foreign leaders for their own personal and political gain.

An impeachment inquiry is the only tool Democrats can use to discover and limit Trump’s high crimes. Our would-be American Caesar has crossed the Rubicon and must be repulsed.

Like most Americans until now, I did not favor impeachment, but for letting the 2020 election decide. If Democrats allow Trump to continue using the dictator’s play book against the Bidens, then they should concede the election today.

Although Richard Nixon’s impeachment was initially unpopular, support for it grew as the facts about his dirty tricks and crimes came out. Republicans felt that Bill Clinton’s sexual affair with an intern was sufficiently serious to refer impeachment to the Senate for trial.

Although the Senate found Clinton innocent, the Republicans made their point and had Clinton’s deplorable actions etched in American history.

Dare the Democrats not do the same for the bad actions by the president that strike at the very heart of our constitutional democracy?

Bernie Grauer