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Time to fight back against virus ‘crisis’

To a hammer every problem is a nail. To a Progressive, every “crisis” is an opportunity “fundamentally to change America;” whether you like it or not. And to infectious disease “experts” every disease is the end of the world. That’s how they keep their funding.

COVID-19 would have no greater impact than a particularly nasty flu if “experts” didn’t panic. Progressives have seized this “problem,” declared it a “crisis,” and are doing their best to use it to destroy the country. First, the economy had to stop producing wealth, then schools had to stop educating, then entertainment had to stop entertaining, then pro and amateur sports had to stop competing. All this while mortality rates from the virus fall.

Folks, this has gone way too far. Don’t just stand by and allow our culture to be rubbed out. Fight back.

Maurice Emmer