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Time to face facts

OK, Maurice Emmer, the fun is over. Please stop perpetuating baseless lies about our democratic process and our election system. Things are getting real — people lives are being threatened — is that what you want? And for what? So you can express your anger, frustration and disappointment that your candidate lost? Seems like a very high price to pay.

Republican City Commissioner of Philadelphia Al Schmidt and Republican Gabriel Sterling, the voting system implementation manager for Georgia’s Secretary of State, have received death threats to themselves and their families. Georgia’s Republican Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and his wife received a text saying “The Raffenspergers should be put on trial for treason and face execution.” Arizona’s Secretary of State Katie Hobbs said that she has faced “ongoing and escalating” threats as did her family and staff. “Let’s burn her house down and kill her family and teach these fraudsters a lesson,” read a post on social media.

Enough is enough. Go back to writing about local politics or go use your time volunteering at a homeless or animal shelter. Anything that will end your senseless ranting about an issue that was resolved weeks ago.

Bob Dennis


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