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Time to address state of Castle Creek Bridge

Aspen Mayor Torre’s outreach approach to gaining support for Aspen’s four new municipal initiatives deserves our praise. I attended the second session and was greeted with generous hospitality. Thank you, Mayor Torre.

The session was billed as an open forum, and to this extent I was disappointed. No town planner or engineer present had any knowledge about what, if any, options are currently being considered in anticipation of the eventual and inevitable retirement and replacement of Aspen’s commercial umbilical cord, the Castle Creek Bridge. The closest answer I was able to find was “the bridge belongs to CDOT, we have nothing to do with it.” Really?

We need a similar public forum to present and discuss options for the inevitable death and resurrection of the Castle Creek Bridge. The most obvious question is whether a second bridge will be needed before the Castle Creek Bridge is demolished and replaced. And if the answer to this question is “yes,” then the next logical question is why not build the second bridge now, for obvious benefits, and where should we place the second bridge and how shall we route its pathway.

John Hornblower

Snowmass Village