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Time not right for Aspen runway expansion

Thank you, Amory Lovins, for your opinion piece about the Aspen-Pitkin County Airport. I was a member of the focus group for the ASE Vision process. I joined as a working mother and spouse living in Aspen Village, representing folks who don’t have the time or support to attend numerous meetings but do have an interest in the Aspen airport expansion talk. After the second or third meeting, I started to have a nagging feeling that the “community” was being involved in this process for the Pitkin County commissioners to say, “Hey, we involved the community so this is what you want!”

I persisted because I still felt that my voice was important. The numbers attending meetings dwindled. It was made clear that the Pitkin Board of County Commissioners could do whatever they want despite our involvement and this ASE Vision process was being done because we are a “special community.” I went in open-minded but definitely leaning toward not expanding the runway (I am for improving the terminal as I’ve seen the poor facility) and through the process became absolutely opposed to the runway expansion, despite feeling like everyone was trying to convince me otherwise. I was unimpressed at the final recommendations by the Vision Committee and this year I’ve had several of the same thoughts as Mr. Lovins, and I’m pleased to see his educated, well researched thoughts on the topic published.

Please, BOCC, hear our pleas that a larger runway is not the answer at this time.

Kate Spencer

Aspen Village