Time for thankfulness, not judgment

The time will come for publicly analyzing the gun range, the impacts of climate change on wildfires, the actions of the shooters and the strategy of fire personnel but it does not seem ripe at this time.

The time seems ripe for appreciation, being thankful that both volunteer and paid staff acted decisively and with courage. Being thankful that there were no major injuries or loss of life, being thankful that our local communities are intact.

A better use of this moment might be for all to assess their personal property for fire readiness and their evacuation plans to safely care for their loved ones during an emergency.

Once some perspective has been gained and nerves calmed, tough questions will need to be answered in a clear-eyed manner. Our changing climate will require changing policies and choices, however those long-term changes will require a bit more space between stimulus and response, in my opinion.

In that spirit, I would ask the Times to consider the wisdom of an online poll about how the shooters should be punished. We can do better.

Thanks again to everyone, the community response was heartening and the actions of local volunteers and professionals was greatly appreciated.

Robert Shultz