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Time for Basalt to ditch mandatory masks

What does the Basalt council know that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention does not?

Or, what does the CDC know that the Basalt council does not?

When the CDC and Aspen were reducing masks, Basalt chose to extend its mask mandate. Is there something happening in Basalt that we should know about? Where is the logic?

Who is following the science? Who is not following the science? What is the science for masks?

Twenty-five states have lifted the mask mandates. There have been no reports of surges in cases, hospitalizations, or deaths.

If there was a concern about health, then why haven’t we been told to optimize our Vitamin D levels? What about stop eating sugar and junk food? The biggest risk factor for getting sick is obesity.

There is a 99.9-plus percent recovery rate for the current illness. We have a greater chance of being injured or killed walking along the street or driving on Highway 82. Should we stay home? Perhaps that is an option for those who really want to be cautious.

A study revealed that 62% of masked children report anxiety. There are many other detrimental impacts on masked children.

Other studies show there are adverse impacts to our health, including psychological, social and physical affects from a mask.

Oxygen is critical to our brains and lungs for good health.

Do we still have the freedom of health to choose what we can put into, on, or do to our bodies?

Basalt should rescind the mask mandate immediately.

Tom Lankering