Throw locals a bone with Highlands pass |

Throw locals a bone with Highlands pass

To the Crowns, Mike Kaplan and Rich Burkley,

Given the uncertainty of the times, one of the best choices for the upcoming season is to bring back the Highlands pass. By doing this you will reduce pressure at the other mountains, reward the locals for their service to the community, and get the skier compaction that we need for the bowl (and all of the other first-class terrain that doesn’t get the necessary traffic).

The company could not steer its ship without the worker bees. Nor could most individuals, families and businesses get by without the industry. Having this pass option is long overdue, and our current situation presents the perfect opportunity to bring it back. You pledge unity, so instead of perpetuating more fighting and bickering (which has become all too commonplace), let’s try to create some.

We can social distance all day long on the ridge, and compact and mitigate. Further, the DT chair is the best chairs to distance. Please consider with an open mind and an open heart. Thanks for your ear.

Brian Johnson