Three yes votes to support Aspen schools |

Three yes votes to support Aspen schools

What can be more important to us than our local kids? The support of our schools tells our story of the priority education and learning have in our community. In the past, Aspen and Snowmass have always said yes to school funding and support, allowing us to attract talented teachers and staff, and to fund budgets at workable levels.

On Nov. 3, we get to show that we support our kids and our schools one more time. We are asking our friends and all voters to approve the continuation of the dedicated school sales tax and the existing property tax in Snowmass. The bonding question will allow Aspen schools to address needed teacher housing and other capital projects, with no increase in the current tax rate. Tax rates will not increase. As concerned parents and grandparents, we urge a yes vote on all three school questions, 2A, 2B, and 4A. Our kids deserve our support.

Kathy and Warren Klug