Those were the ski-racing days

In olden times, when pro ski racing was still considered to be a sport, I was living in Telluride. The Ride was the first stop on the tour. The Europeans would buy a used car and drive around the West to compete. The Swiss guys traveled together. The French guys traveled together, etc.

At that time ski racers had no money. Even the ones with Olympic medals were broke.

I was never a big fan of the pro tour. For the washed-up guys who could no longer make their national teams, it was about meeting women, falling in love with them, and then driving to the next venue. They also liked to “party.” Their first move would be to knock on my door at The Miner’s Union. Their first words would be, “We’re back! Can you get us some s—? It’s a long drive to Jackson Hole.”

Of course we would smoke before the races. Jacque took third place after smoking a joint and drinking two glasses of white wine. I was procuring for both the French team and the Swiss team, so it was fair. The Austrians didn’t party but they did win most of the races. Some of “the guys” are now coaching national teams.

Verne Gurholt