Those over 60 could use a jab

In reply to Daniel Kogan’s letter (“Making the vaccine case for lift operators,” Feb. 24, The Aspen Times), it would be great if we had enough vaccine to give to everybody. I feel the need!

I’m 64 so I’m still not eligible and you’re suggesting that 20-year-old lifties and other Aspen Skiing Co. seasonal employees should be given priority over residents over 50?

From what I’ve seen and heard, many but not all of Skico’s employees have been going to parties, socializing with no masks, six on a six-pack lift and a private rave New Year’s Eve at a business in Snowmass. Even Skico allows people to stand up front of shuttles next to the three high roped off seats 2 feet from front passengers.

Many people have been and are ignoring CDC’s recommendations. I have two friends (both 64) who are cancer survivors in Summit County who still aren’t eligible, yet older second-home owners from Texas are getting the vaccine. Is this happening in Pitkin County also? Most of Pitkin’s older population have gone along with CDC’s recommendations this long and should be rewarded with the earliest possible vaccine, before young seasonal workers many who haven’t taken this pandemic seriously — except when they have to for work to keep their ski pass.

Hopefully it will be available to all residents then others sooner than later.

John Busscher