Those narrow-minded vaccine advocates |

Those narrow-minded vaccine advocates

“One of my favorite philosophical tenets is that people will agree with you only if they already agree with you. You do not change people’s minds.” — Frank Zappa

Local, state and federal governments are pushing to make vaccines mandatory or segregate those who refuse to get the COVID vaccine. People like Julie Kleban are completely on board with this idea, but I have just a few questions/thoughts on this subject. Are you an “anti-vaxxer” if you have numerous other vaccines, but have yet to get the COVID vaccine? What should people do if their doctor is recommending they hold off on this vaccine for now? Should we completely do away with the patient/doctor relationship?

The sad reality is people like Kleban who have bought into the idea of an “unvaccinated pandemic” don’t want to look at any facts that contradict their worldview. This is called cognitive dissonance and it is much more threatening to humanity than any individual who might not get this particular vaccine right now. Some inconvenient truths that don’t support the unvaccinated narrative:

From Forbes: Over 4,000 recent COVID cases in the U.S. are among fully vaccinated.

From News Israel 13: Reports out of Israel show over 90% of hospitalizations are among the fully vaccinated.

From Reuters: Vaccinated people make up 75% of COVID cases in Singapore.

From CNBC: 74% of recent Massachusetts COVID outbreak were fully vaccinated.

Don’t bother trying to change people’s minds, especially with facts that get in the way of a narrative!

Chase McWhorter


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