Thorough audit of Aspen-Pitkin County Housing Authority needed

Thank you to the Board of County Commissioners for maintaining responsible practices regarding the BOCC’s attention and Pitkin County’s finances. 

To consider bringing a ballot issue to the constituents of the county for the purpose of increasing our county’s funding of Aspen-Pitkin County Housing Authority — without APCHA clearly showing past, current and specific plans for future spending — would not be responsible. As a BOCC member suggested, this information sharing/gathering phase may include an independent audit of APCHA. 

This sounds helpful and reasonable. If helpful, here are some ideas to consider including in an audit: efficiency, effectiveness, and equity of APCHA-spending. Spending would include property investments and staff costs (i.e. payroll and housing) and more. Equity may mean supporting all communities and individuals equally (including financial support to establish and maintain, including management). 
Additional topics may include: policies and practices of APCHA including respect for participants, transparency, reviewability and appealability of practices.

Finally, along this line, it would be good to look at the valuations of properties, including the CPI adjustment for inflation (this is not appreciation): how the staff understands, applies, and explains this calculation; and the participation and oversight of the County Assessor’s Office, to be sure the property valuations — on which taxes are based — are accurate (that the numbers are correct, including all values and calculations). 

More light may very well result in more support from all sides regarding employee housing.

Peg O’Brien

Woody Creek