Thompson Divide Coalition isn’t going anywhere |

Thompson Divide Coalition isn’t going anywhere

The West Slope Colorado Oil and Gas Association would like Thompson Divide and all its supporting members and groups to disappear. The tactic outlined in the Sept. 17 article in the Glenwood Springs Post Independent is akin to the ancient practice of shunning whereby you deny the existence of a person or group that you see as a threat. This old bullying tactic seeks to isolate and disempower those targeted.

The Thompson Divide Coalition and all the supporting individuals, groups, businesses, ranchers, water users, recreationists and appreciators are not about to disappear, and the Thompson Divide area is here to stay. David Ludlum, of the West Slope Colorado Oil and Gas Association, was correct on one account in that protecting Thompson Divide is the priority of a lot of groups. The Thompson Divide Coalition has built a very strong valley contingency over the past six years and will continue to work to protect the federal lands of the Thompson Divide area from oil and gas development. It seeks to work with the oil and gas leaseholders and political representatives to secure protection of this unique, unpolluted and economically sustaining area.

The Thompson Divide area is special in that it is a “chockstone” area connecting the wildlife-migration corridors between the West Elk Mountains, the Flat Tops and Grand Mesa. The Thompson Divide area is headwaters to 15 high-quality watersheds that support agriculture and urban needs as well as downstream uses. The Thompson Divide Coalition campaign has only strengthened the appreciation for this beautiful and productive area. Let’s just keep it as it is.

Enjoy those beautiful fall colors going off in the Thompson Divide area right now!

Judy Fox-Perry