Think of Aspen’s beauty when voting

In advance of the Nov. 6 election, there are many letters to the editor, discussions being held on street corners and newspaper/social media ads imploring voters to consider the future of the sweet town we call home. But, I recall my impression from the week I moved here in 1987: Why on earth would there be a bus station, where fumes spew from large noisy buses right where the locals and tourists walk at the base of a beautiful mountain? When considering the redesign of Aspen, its offices and potential for employee housing, I’d like folks (including Aspen City Council) to consider moving the bus station to Rio Grande Place where the former chamber offices can act as the station house and buses can pick up and drop off riders.

Let’s say you drive to town and park in the garage, then you can hop on a cross-town shuttle to your destination. The driveway in front of the Rio Grande Place building is perfect for the buses to pull in, and the street parking that may have to be sacrificed to idling buses can be replaced by allowing people to park behind the Rubey Park building. If that happens, then the chamber can be housed at Rubey Park, where tourists have easy access to all that the chamber offers rather than the confusing trek they currently embark upon to find the old Art Museum building. There is a nice area for temporary parking on Durant Avenue (much like the spaces in front of the Wheeler) allowing visitors to spend a few minutes inside Rubey Park to plan which restaurants to visit, stores to shop and mountains to explore. Please consider the beauty of Aspen, your first impression of town and what the tourists experience when voting for the future of Aspen.

Sheila Brennan