The unvaccinated stretch our hospitals’ limits |

The unvaccinated stretch our hospitals’ limits

Mr. McWhorter has written yet another letter which further illustrates his utter lack of consideration of others (“The sanctimonious become unmasked,” Aug. 26, The Aspen Times). I assume he has not been vaccinated. I also assume he moves about within the community – with or without mask (he has not said).

Meantime, medical professionals — the people on whom we rely to protect us — plead with the public to get vaccinated. Hospitals are full in those areas where vaccination rates are low. Most beds are occupied by the unvaccinated, and medical professionals warn that in some areas hospitals may not have the ability to treat victims of a major traffic accident. The lives of the victims, who may be vaccinated, could be endangered by those who failed to get vaccinated.

I suspect most readers now wonder how any reasonable, rational, human could refuse to be vaccinated today. Yes, the messages keep changing because the virus keeps changing as does our knowledge of its behavior and the best response to it. Anyone who has been in battle understands the need to change strategies as new information is received.

Today three things are clear. First, the shots reduce the intensity of the disease and take pressure off the hospitals. Second, masks limit the spread of a highly contagious disease. Third, those who are not vaccinated pose a great risk to our health system as exhausted professionals quit.

If you get the disease, Mr. McWhorter, at least do the area’s medial professionals a favor and stay home. You had your chance.

Philip Verleger


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