The time is now for Lift One |

The time is now for Lift One

It is clearly the time to move ahead and vote “yes” for the Lift One corridor. It may not be perfect, but it can’t go back to the drawing board for another bite at the apple.

It has been repeatedly pointed out that a “no” vote will not stop development up there; it will only ensure that the next options will be far less desirable to the entire community in the long run. I’ve been here 48 years and seen the debates and hand wringing over developments like the St. Regis (Ritz-Carlton), Grand Hyatt and how about even the Little Nell Hotel.

I believe these have all managed to become very good partners to the townspeople and city of Aspen. There is no 1970s option to this vote; we’re not going back there nor should we. Let’s move ahead with this highly vetted and collaborated partnership and bring this historic ski industry corner back to life for Aspen.

Really, it’s going to be just fine!

Tim Cottrell