The ticking bomb of Aspen’s COVID response |

The ticking bomb of Aspen’s COVID response

The ticking bomb of Aspen’s COVID response

As I went into town for my weekly grocery run, I was horrified to see packed parking spots, vacationing families, and business as usual for the most part. While I applaud the local government for their attempt at balancing business and safety, COVID-19 numbers are not getting better, and half measures put the community and others at substantial risk. Tourists, while the lifeblood of this community, are currently its most significant threat.

Any data scientist, epidemiologist or doctor can tell you that allowing any disease to travel from place to place, and interact with numerous potential hosts is a bad idea. We are allowing COVID-19 the opportunity to do precisely this through the vector of tourism. Masks and social distancing will slow the spread, but we need to enact extreme and concise measures to keep the community safe. Think I’m wrong? Look at the 150,000 dead and explosion of COVID-19 in California, Texas and Florida. Those states and their cities have similar guidelines to ours, but made the critical mistake of opening too early and have paid dearly for it.

Again, while I understand people need to make a living here, how many of their deaths are going to make that worthwhile?

Tanner Cook