‘The Thirteen Days of Christmas’

December 25th – The Savior is born

January 1st – The New Year arrives

January 6th – Satan appears in a dark blue suit

Revolution! Revolution! he cries

Thirteen days from beginning to end

Thirteen days from Heaven to Hell

From the hallowed birth of Jesus Christ

To “The Day of Lies” the Devil will tell

Roused by promises the coward won’t keep

(Like a voyeur, he watches and hides)

False Patriots charge the Capitol’s walls

And the Devil grins as the nation divides

These two halves do make a hole

A gaping wound in America’s heart

Democracy teeters on the bloody edge

Insurrectionists rip the nation apart

The duped and complicit believe they are right

Based on falsity beyond all reason

Ignorance swells and knows no limits

The Devil gloats over acts of treason

Yeats’ rough beast slouches toward Bethlehem now

Can the falcon hear the falconer’s cry?

Is the American experiment at its very end?

Will indifference let our nation’s soul die?

Neither China nor Russia, the Mullahs or Taliban

Threaten the American way of Life

Like a man who wields the Bible upside down

And stabs the Constitution in the back with a knife!

The Thirteen Days of Christmas

Joy and Hope, then the Devil’s Civil War

The craven pretend it never happened

While Democracy dies on the Senate floor

Greg Lewis

Snowmass Village