The Tesla rip-off

Kelly Hayes maybe smitten but, Tesla Motors is a cruel joke (“A Tesla Model X ignites Independence Pass,” May 25, Aspen Times Weekly).

This article is an amazing stream of nonsense.

Some facts on Elon Musk and his business endeavors may be of interest.

The Tesla Model X P100D has a range of up to 295 miles. If you drive one even close to this limit it can take 10 hours (or longer) to recharge it to full capacity.

How can anyone think the investment of $158,400 in something this impractical is a wise investment?

The car is a rip-off aimed at people with more money than brains. Guess that is why an article like this would be in the Aspen Times Weekly.

Elon Musk is ripping off the U.S. taxpayers with his all of his companies.

Tesla Motors, SolarCity and SpaceX have received $4.9 billion in government subsidies while consistently reporting net losses for a decade. Meanwhile, Musk has pocketed about $10 billion.

A Tesla car does nothing for efficiency or to reduce the carbon footprint of cars.

Ask yourself where the electricity used to charge the these cars comes from. If it is from a coal or natural gas-fired plant the car is a net polluter. The batteries used are also a concern for environmental pollution. Their production and disposal, when worn out, are problematic.

The real solution to environmentally friendly transportation and energy use in general is hydrogen. For a great source of information on this go to

We need real answers to our urgent need for clean energy. Driving an insanely expensive toy is no answer.

Paul Wellman

Clark, Colorado