The Supreme Court theocracy

Donald Trump’s replacement of Ruth Ginsberg with Amy Barrett is like replacing King Solomon with Pope Pius XII. The Judge Barrett choice is pouring gasoline on the nation’s partisan bonfire. The Federalist Society is pushing this judicial coup and they reveal themselves as America’s Taliban. Over decades, these conservative/libertarian lawyers have demonstrated their unbridled loathing for America’s open and democratic values.

Judge Barrett’s eccentric behavior as a real life “Handmaiden” in the ultra-right group “People of Praise” raises nausea in many Americans. The “People of Praise” is a small, secretive Catholic sect advocating the establishment of a dystopian society of domination, so well depicted in the television show “The Handmaiden’s Tale.”

Senate Republicans and majority leader Mitch McConnell are openly corrupting the court and carrying the water for Trump’s crusaders. Now a majority, six of America’s Supreme Court justices will hold singular Catholic colonial world views; Stephen Breyer and Elena Kagan follow the Jewish tradition.

The Republican hand-over of unchecked worldly power to one religious viewpoint is a perilous path. Spiritual traditions are inherently paradoxical and in the reality of religious-politics, few human beings can be trusted to act with Pope Francis’s open heart and open mind. The brutal examples of the Protestant Reformation or the Spanish Inquisition should give everyone pause.

Ross Douglass