The Stable Genius has no clothes |

The Stable Genius has no clothes

We can all recall the famous children’s story.

The people accepted the emperor’s claim of his lovely new suit of clothes until, as he paraded through the streets, a small child simply said, “The emperor has no clothes.”

That tale seems most appropriate for today’s situation with regard to the current occupant of the White House, the self-described Stable Genius who earlier decried the pandemic as a hoax!

In recent days he has called for “reopening” the country on Easter Sunday, with “packed churches” and full commercial mobility in our society.

But our Stable Genius once again is ignoring facts.

On March 1, there had been just one death from the virus.

On March 25, three weeks later, there have been 728.

On March 17, there were 5,900 diagnosed cases.

On March 25, there are 53,428.

And we have tested only 360,000 people nationally, about one-tenth of 1% of the population.

(Oh, and the Stable Genius and his vice president earlier promised us 4 million tests by March 13!)

Meanwhile, all of the scientists and medical professionals project this tragic pandemic to continue to grow over the next few months, and call for isolation and quarantine.

And yet … the president advocates his intent to ignore all the data trends and professional advice, and calls for a return to full social engagement in the next three weeks!

Can we not, at long last, accept that this man, like the emperor, is naked in his ignorance and incompetence?

James DeFrancia