The self-righteous and their smug addiction |

The self-righteous and their smug addiction

Viruses are a natural part of our ecosystem. And while COVID-19 very well might have been developed in a lab (this isn’t conspiracy anymore), coronaviruses in general still have their origins in nature and still mutate like other viruses.

After a few months of relative calm where things have begun to feel normal, we are now beginning to deal with COVID-19’s mutation: the delta variant. Fortunately, whether because vaccinated people are being infected or it is just less potent, so far it seems many cases are asymptomatic. Not actually knowing you have a virus because you don’t fully experience the symptoms is good news when infected by a virus like COVID-19. Unfortunately, delta isn’t the only mutation we must now endure. Self-Righteous Confirmation Bias (SRCB-20) has mutated into Smug Self-Delusion, or SSD-21.

Similar to delta, much of SSD-21 is asymptomatic. Those suffering typically don’t even realize how smug and delusional they are when spouting catch phrases like “I just trust the science,” while also likely refusing to follow the science on things like biological sex. When it comes to things like biology, trusting in science is hateful and feelings should be embraced and protected. Others signs of SSD-21:

— Ignoring science like natural immunity by those who have already contracted COVID-19, or ignoring the rampant re-infection of the vaccinated.

— Labeling anyone who doesn’t take the COVID -19 vaccine today an “anti-vaxxer” without any knowledge of their private medical history, which could include having taken many other vaccines.

COVID-19’s origins are apparently being investigated, but SSD-21’s origins are clear: decades of discouraging critical thought. And while SSD-21 is typically asymptomatic for those infected, symptoms are painfully visible to observers as those infected desperately simulate intelligence by parroting authoritarian talking points. Fortunately, work is in progress for a rapid response test for SSD-21, which includes simple questions like “please explain the science you are following?” or “please cite your source.”

Chase McWhorter