The sanctimonious become unmasked |

The sanctimonious become unmasked

First and foremost, I am more than happy to not be aligned with the Mr. Frum, the man who helped craft the messaging to get us involved in endless Middle East wars.

But honestly, thank you, Philip Verleger, for clearly defining the dream of radical COVID-19 tyrants (“Failing Vaccination 101,” letters, Aug. 19, The Aspen Times). Your metaphorical mask coming off is alarming, but at the same time refreshing because now there can be an open debate. In your futile attempt to claim moral superiority, you also advocate putting anyone who believes “my body, my choice” into concentration camps. By your standard, if your doctor suggests holding off on getting vaccinated, then off to Auschwitz! No exceptions!

These are the choices: On one side you either submit to ever-changing edicts to reach ever-moving goal posts, and on the other you are free to listen to your doctor and do what you think best to protect yourself. If you want a third or fourth dose of the vaccine, get it. If you want to wear 10 masks, do it. If you want to lock yourself in your house for 5 to 10 years until COVID-19 is gone, go ahead. Manage your risk as you please.

Lastly, what a teacher you must have been. Agree with me or fail. No wonder U.S. education continues to plummet in global rankings. We have decades of teachers who have been focused on teaching kids what to think rather than how to think.

Chase McWhorter


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