The roots of 9/11 |

The roots of 9/11

The coverage of 9/11 brought into focus who the mainstream media and Federal Reserve consortium serve. It appears 9/11 was manufactured by some international consortium members to use our military for their agendas. Travel back to 1945 to understand that consortium.

Near the conclusion of World War II, along with the partition of the conquered lands, only a small group of the world’s deep state members must have understood the absurd power vested with the foreign-owned Federal Reserve as the U.S. dollar became world reserve currency. That ended U.S. independent sovereignty. A consortium of blended international banking, military and corporate interests was formed and would secretly pull America’s strings from then on.

The Federal Reserve/Treasury part of the consortium promised to keep the dollar equal to 1/35 of an ounce of gold. Instead they expanded the currency supply way beyond. Mortgages greatly expanded debt. In French, “mortgage” means death contract, which many homeowners caught in foreclosures have learned is an accurate description.

In 1971, President Richard Nixon was forced to admit the U.S. had been taken off the gold standard. The dollar was destabilized and gold price shot up by 15 times over the next 10 years revealing way more fiat money was created between 1945 and 1971 than promised. That great excess of monetary expansion provided the inner banking-related consortium a choke hold over America and the world.

A monetary stabilization technique was invented by Nixon’s invented petrol dollar where U.S. military was employed to prop up the dollar. 9/11 appears to be a consortium staged event to provide the justification to expand U.S. military usage. The succession of destruction/profit and control taking across the Middle East thereafter is historic. Mainstream promotes some U.S. “allies” who are very, very, very expensive associates.

America needs to win back independence.

Mark Kwiecienski