Explanation for road closure in Redstone

The Rock Creek Association LLC (RCA), consisting of landowners served by Dorais Way from its origin at Redstone Boulevard, wishes to inform you that Dorais Way is now closed to all public access, including vehicle, pedestrian and bicycle traffic. This closure was necessitated by the following circumstances:

The RCA has purchased a segment of Dorais Way from Redstone Boulevard north to the pre-existing private segments of the roadway. The association’s homeowners now collectively and solely bear responsibility and liability for this property, which involves substantial risk due to traffic on the road and its proximity to the Crystal River. Proximity to the river seems to invite unauthorized and often quite reckless access to the water’s edge, which represents an unacceptable liability risk to the RCA membership. Moreover, member homeowners of the RCA have experienced not only frequent unauthorized vehicular traffic, but incidents of vandalism and littering of their properties with trash, as well as human and animal waste. These circumstances require the permanent closure of Dorais Way to public access.

As many know, the Redstone Campground near the Redstone Boulevard entry of Dorais Way brings visitors from all over the county, many of whom will not appreciate the dangers of rapidly moving water. Because the southern segment of Dorais Way cannot be monitored 24/7, the RCA has voted unanimously to place vehicle and pedestrian gates at the Redstone Boulevard entrance to Dorais Way and to post signage indicating that the road is private and that trespassing is prohibited. The RCA recognizes that friends and neighbors in the Redstone community have in the past used Dorais Way occasionally for a pleasant walk or to visit residents who live along Dorais Way. This type of pedestrian access may be granted if an RCA member will provide consent and assume responsibility for that guest.

Members of the Dorais Way community thank you for your understanding of our concerns and for your observance of this closure.

Board of directors, Rock Creek Association