The Rio Grande River runs through us |

The Rio Grande River runs through us

The Rio Grande River has its headwaters in the mountains of western Colorado. It travels through New Mexico into Texas and along the border with Mexico where it exists as an entrance to our southern neighboring nation as it heads for Brownsville, Texas, and the Gulf of Mexico.

The Rio Grande River should unite us, not divide us.

It drains some of the most beautiful lands in Colorado as it flows to the sea. Growth, development and changes along the entire course of the river challenge its integrity and create environmental concerns and threaten the ability of the Rio Grande to reach the Gulf during dry years. Perhaps, the unity between the two nations, the U.S. and Mexico, should focus on needed restoration of the river that joins us as neighbors rather than on the imagined barrier of a beautiful river that holds no preference nor prejudice.

The message of the Let Them Roar, a Carbondale-based band, invites not only those who enjoy their transcendental folk music but also those who appreciate the message of care for those whose freedoms and life choices are challenged, threatened and destroyed. Perhaps it is time for all of us to consider the message of unity rather than division. Perhaps it is time to follow the message of the river as it travels without prejudice.

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Dorothea Farris

Crystal River Valley, Carbondale