The press has credibility issues |

The press has credibility issues

The media has “reported” unprecedented negativity toward President Trump because they are afraid. Very afraid, because Trump has exposed the manipulative wizardry of the press.

The Fourth Estate has always aggrandized itself as a pillar of our democratic republic. The purveyors of the unvarnished truth to the unwashed masses. But the masses are not so intellectually unwashed

In ‘16, Trump rode all the negative press coverage to victory. The Fourth Estate was duped as easily as fourth graders. Now their blatantly biased “reporting” for the last four years verifies Trump’s claim of their liberal agenda. Just like they underestimated the Donald in 2016, they are sneering at our intelligence today.

The media have lost their credibility. Americans are more likely to have more confidence in Twitter tweets and Facebook facts than what they read in the paper or hear on the news. Journalists have become mere talking head mercenaries. And the Fourth Estate has devolved into Dante’s fourth ring of hell.

Bruno Kirchenwitz