The power of the common good |

The power of the common good

In one television newscast recently, I saw large crowd scenes from Tokyo and Beijing. There was no social distancing, there’s no room for that in those cities, but every single person I saw wore a mask. Contrast that to what you’ll see in the West where sometimes less than half the people are masked.

The East is more accustomed to seeking the common good, thinking collectively and presenting a united front. We’re more selfish here in the West, emphasizing competition and every man for himself.

This is why the East will prevail. In this ever-shrinking world, individualism will become less and less of an option. The herd that huddles up when attacked by a lone wolf will be safe. Asians are much better equipped to survive a pandemic like COVID-19. We’re all in this together is just a slogan in this country. In the East, it’s been a way of life for centuries.

Fred Malo Jr.