The perils of 5G wireless technology |

The perils of 5G wireless technology

To be 5G or not be 5G, that is the question! And this may well be a rabbit hole, or a black hole, we should never go down! Or, at the very least, take a long, hard look at!

Those who would implement 5G networks are taking great pains not to represent or reveal the associated long-term hazards and potential health effects which accompany this process.

The question of cellphone radiation and harm has always been an issue or, at least, a consideration. According to studies from the 1990s, in view of mere 2G to 3G frequencies, we were assured that this would not have long-term hazardous effects, though there were no long-term studies!

What they did state is that if you were working in close proximity to cell towers, there may be health issues. The 2G through 4G networks have operated on 1 to 3 gigahertz, with 4G possibly running as high as 6 gigahertz. But 5G will run at 30 to 100 gigahertz — with the potential of 300GH! The higher the frequency, the more dangerous to living organisms.

The 5G cell towers are ultra-high frequency with ultra-intensity. This would require hundreds of times more cell towers on top of current towers — and which would be installed as a virtual blanket of radio-frequency radiation from hundreds of emitters throughout the town, neighborhoods, on buildings — mini-towers every two to eight houses — and on basically every building downtown.

Prevailing studies indicate that the new network generates radio-frequency radiation that can damage DNA and lead to cancer, cause oxidative damage that can cause premature aging, disrupt cell metabolism and potentially lead to other diseases through generation of stress proteins.

If you ask a network provider, such as Verizon, about health concerns associated with 5G, they will be clear in telling you that they have been specifically instructed not to speak of health-related concerns on this subject. They are forging ahead full bore, into a black hole of no return and no long-term studies or proof of safety!

We are already being bombarded with chemicals in our food, our water, on the ground, in the air — and we can be asking for serious repercussions if we allow this!

David and Cris Dawson