The People’s Republic alive and well in Aspen

A few weeks ago a shocking thing happened. I wrote a letter to the editor and there were a bunch of responses online. With very rare exceptions, people don’t respond to my letters. Multiple responses just don’t happen.

Out of the blue I decided to check if there were any additional entries I missed. During the search process, I came across The Aspen Times election endorsements for county commissioner in November. I hadn’t looked for them at the time because they were preordained. The earth’s core will turn to pomegranate jelly before a local newspaper will support me for an elective office. People still haven’t figured out that’s exactly why they should vote for me. Maybe next time.

Anyway, I want to thank the Times for the funniest line ever written in any electoral process at any level: “…we get the feeling Evans wants to be paid a government salary to criticize the government.”

I hereby propose that this be the universal job description for all elected officials everywhere. We used to call this “oversight,” but that is way too bland for the 21st century.

While we’re here, the Mulcahy saga has dragged on for so long that many have forgotten what it’s about.

Here’s your reminder. If you are one of the 3,000 or so people/families living in housing under the influence of the housing authority, keep your mouth shut. Do not criticize local government. Remember that the Aspen Institute is above reproach in all things. Attempts to organize workers at Aspen Skiing Co. will be treated like nuclear terrorism.

Got it? Good, you can stay in your home.

Jeffrey Evans