The people’s proposition |

The people’s proposition

Guess we proponents of Proposition 112, the safer setback ballot measure, should throw in the towel. Everyone’s against us; our elected officials, government agencies and, most intimidating of all, Big Oil and its big money.

But wait a minute! In spite of all this opposition, Initiative 97 garnered 172,000 signatures when only 97,000 was needed to put Proposition 112 on the ballot and 112 is currently polling at 69 percent. Obviously, this is a grassroots movement, the people rising up and bucking the system.

Who cares what the politicians, bureaucrats, and oil and gas executives think? They’re all beholding to the industry. The people are listening to medical professionals like the nonpartisan and strictly academic Colorado School of Public Health and the victims of drilling and fracking too close to human occupancy. They’re saying oil and gas activity has no business being within a half mile of people.

Fred Malo Jr.