The passion of Skippy Mesirow |

The passion of Skippy Mesirow

I typically do not do public endorsements, but in this instance, I have been so impressed by Skippy Mesirow’s plan for our town, I know he is the right choice for Aspen City Council.

Skippy won my support after approaching me months ago when putting together a “cabinet” to help him make leadership decisions and craft policy during his campaign and in office. He asked if I’d help represent sustainability, youth, food and the environment. Politicians are always claiming to have all the answers; I love that Skippy surrounds himself with leaders in their fields to help make informed, data-driven decisions. In addition, he is a strong listener, responding to what he has heard rather than making assumptions about what people want. I would wager that Skippy has knocked on more doors than any other candidate, possibly in Aspen history!

Skippy is my choice for the following reasons:

• He cares about this town for the long term. Skippy and I are actually the same age; he is committed to our home for future generations (he made a five-generation pledge!).

• He is a listener and collaborator. Skippy is dedicated to working together and consulting with experts (ones from this town) to make decisions that will work.

• He has experience. Skippy has been a public servant for the better part of the past decade.

• He is energetic, young and committed. I am certain that no other candidate will spend as many hours on the job as Skippy. He will shake things up in a good way! Skippy has some good ideas for engaging people in the public process without sitting in council chambers until midnight.

• He has a global world view. Skippy has experienced and understands solutions that create vitality without reliance on second homes.

Please join me in voting for him!

Eden Vardy