The Paris Accord: Climate Change Denial and Security |

The Paris Accord: Climate Change Denial and Security

Climate change is a threat to security. Action is required at the current G-20 Summit to correct the course set by the U.S. by dropping out of the Paris Climate Accord. The United States of America is an embarrassment to itself and the rest of the world. The most affluent country threatens the stability of the entire world for ignorant short-term economic gain.

The U.S. must realize it is part of a greater interconnected humanity and global environment. There are not enough walls in the world to avoid the impact of greenhouse gases, from the burning of fossil fuels, on climate and humanity. It’s not just about the snow for Colorado ski resorts or water for the seven states and one other nation (Mexico) that rely on Colorado River Basin water. It’s about security and stability, through a stable climate, for all people regardless of race, religion and nationality. The real cost of fossil fuels will be from anthropogenic climate change and rising sea levels and the associated instability. A stability inextricably tied to national and global security.

To put things into perspective, let’s look at the number of people current displaced around the world. The following numbers come from Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre IDMC ( Syria has 6.6 million internally displaced people from conflict and violence as of 2016. There were 40.8 million internally displaced people worldwide as a result of conflict and violence at the end of 2015. Disasters displaced 19.2 million people across 113 countries in 2015. These displacements have been a humanitarian and security challenge, particularly for European nations.

Estimates of displaced people from sea level rising from climate change in the US are 13.1 million ( and up to 1 billion people worldwide ( Also see: Science Lessons For The Next President (

Humanity and our environment cannot wait. Let us hope that the other nations of the world will stand up to the greater ignorance and denial of the U.S.A. and demand that the Paris Accord be followed by all nations. The cost to humanity is just too great to allow for the shortsighted nationalistic economic gains of the United States. To ignore the scientific evidence of anthropogenic climate change any more incites global disaster.

Mark Duff


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