The pandemic reality show |

The pandemic reality show

The lab owners who denied service to Candace Owens feel that she has “been working proactively to undermine the realities of this devastating pandemic.” I sure wish I knew what those “realities” were.

Are the experimental “vaccines” effective? Yes. No. Maybe. Are they safe? Yes. No. Maybe not. Are masks effective at preventing transmission? A tiny bit. Not at all. Depends on the quality of the mask. When in doubt, wear two masks. Is the PCR test accurate and reliable? Not very. Better than nothing. Is contact tracing worth the effort? Who knows? Is this entire “pandemic” more about the politics of control than about actual science? Of course not. Obviously.

All of these answers are supported by a wealth of evidence and intelligent, expert reasoning. I don’t wish to sound like Pontius Pilate, but what is truth?

One “reality” that I accept is that, unfortunately for many businesses, it’s probably best to avoid crowded, confined spaces. But there are plenty of people who don’t do so and don’t get sick. But we’re told they still can make other people sick. Oh, dear. What to do?

My answer to the last question is give people the freedom to decide for themselves. Don’t punish others because of your “realities.”

Chad Klinger

Snowmass Village

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