The NRA can help you

Well, it’s happened. With the current panic of some zombie intruder stealing our bottled water and toilet paper, or a “protester/rioter” wanting to beat the crap out of us because we believe all lives matter, or maybe the demands that police departments be defunded, “who ya gonna call,” the race to purchase a firearm has been setting new records for the last three or four months. This has gummed the works of state and federal background-check systems, with approvals taking up to 10 days.

Most of this current panic to get a gun is by first-time gun buyers, who last election were casting votes for the very candidates and politicians who promised to take away that “right.”

I’m curious to know how many of these first-timers learned that they couldn’t just go online, order and have their firearm shipped to their door, no questions asked. After all, this is what we’ve been told by the gun grabbers, political leaders, celebrities and lame-stream media for decades. I would bet that 99% found that it was a much more difficult process than they ever imagined, with some being denied.

Well, now that you have this chunk of metal and wood or plastic, I hope that you asked someone knowledgeable to accompany you to the shooting range, which by the way, you were probably trying extremely hard to have closed down a couple of years ago. Someone to teach how to own and operate your new purchase safely.

Finally, “armed” with your purchase, responsibility and knowledge of what it took to acquire it, perhaps you’ll learn more about what your candidates have in mind for you and your new property before casting your vote in November. And while you are at it, you might want to join the NRA, the organization trying to protect your right to keep it. If interested, call me, I can help.

Richard Teague