The many benefits of a Pandora’s expansion

I’d like to address a few of the environmental concerns regarding Pandora:

1. Deer, elk and other wildlife — Deer and elk herds have long been a “cash crop” in Colorado and since the 1900s have been managed by state and federal agencies. They are currently at their highest optimal population.

Recently the Parks and Wildlife has been forced to cull the herds as their populations have increased to the detriment of the environment through overgrazing, etc. Wildfires are the single greatest threat to big game. In 2020 Colorado wildfires took 650,000 acres of land and countless wildlife in our state.

The removal of trees necessary for Pandora will benefit wildlife.

2. Forests, streams and rivers — Colorado is rich in other assets and they also rely on proper government management. Naturally occurring or human-caused forest fires threaten them by causing unstable rivers, streams and land masses which can be destroyed by severe rain (such as Glenwood Canyon).

Pandora will benefit forests, streams and rivers.

3. Farmland, mining, and skiing — Huge economic benefits from farmland, minerals, and ski areas, are threatened by wildfire. By approving Pandora, these assets and our beloved ski industry will benefit.

Please approve Pandora, for the benefit of everyone and everything.

Rebecca Doane


Editor’s note: A formal vote on the Pandora’s expansion proposal is scheduled to go before the Pitkin Board of County Commissioners on Nov. 17.