The left’s Trump-Nazi comparisons wearing thin |

The left’s Trump-Nazi comparisons wearing thin

I recently read John Colson’s latest column, and he exemplifies the modern left’s orthodoxy: look at history with a limited view and grasp for straws to connect Trump to anything evil, especially Hitler and the National Socialist German Workers’ Party of Germany.

Mr. Colson and everyone else who wants to connect Trump to Hitler always start by looking at history in the 1920s as if Hitler came out of thin air with his evil hate-filled speeches about Jews. Instead, so as to not repeat this dark time in history, let us objectively question and contemplate, what enabled the support of Hitler by the German people? Why were the German people so concerned about what was happening in Germany? That kind of shift doesn’t happen in just a couple years, but takes generations, which is why you have to dig back further to identify the root of collectivist thinking that enabled Hitler.

What was happening in the German school system starting in the 1800s? How did the Treaty of Versailles impact the German working class? Or how did key individuals, like Woodrow Wilson and Margret Sanger, contribute to the philosophical foundation of classifying races for the Nazi party? Unfortunately, seeking answers to those questions would not be conducive to the narrative and an inconvenient truth that might connect Planned Parenthood origins to racist eugenics practices.

Examining history is great to avoid repeating history, but focusing on a narrow sample size is useless. Instead, examining the decades prior to Hitler’s rise to power would be better if the objective is truly to avoid an end to our republic and rise of a dictator, regardless of his or her political affiliation. Why were the German people poised to accept Hitler and his collectivist tribalism? Why were Germans poised to turn on fellow Germans, in many cases viewing them as diseased or subhuman? Why are Americans today poised to commit violence against their fellow citizens because of differing political views or health choices?

Forget all that. And forget which political party is actually cozying up to socialists. Trump bad! Trump bad!

Chase McWhorter


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