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‘The Greatest Show on Earth’

Hello and Welcome, Ladies and Gentlemen

Shouted the clown with the bright orange hair

The Political Circus is open to all

And I’m in charge of the whole affair

Come in, come into my big red tent

Where I’m the dashing ringmaster too

I shout, insult, berate and blame

Whatever I want to do

Get yourself some cotton candy

It’s made of promises that I’ve spun

It’s sweet and sticky icky GOP

No substance but it’s fun

If the view is blocked from where you are

Don’t Ukraine your neck to see

Or believe those in the very front row

All you should know you’ll learn from me

Confusion is my main act right now

Exaggeration is performing next

And then I’ll release my vicious lyin’

Growls and roars of grand pretext

Next, I’ll dance on the high wire

No one can compare with me

(But if I should ever slip and fall

My safety net is Fox TV)

I hug and kiss the Giant Panda

I dance with the Russian Bear

I kick the Democrat donkey

I control the Seals as they’re well aware

Yes, I’m the circus strongman

So big I’m above the law

Everything is all about me

I’m the center of global awe

So, stay for the grand finale

I ride an elephant out the door

With Mitch and Lindsey right behind

Picking up droppings from the floor

P.T. Barnum said it best

There’s a sucker born every minute

My big red tent is full of them

I lie and they think I meant it

Greg Lewis

Woody Creek