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’The Gift’

We gather, we laugh, we dance and we sing

We each have a present to give to our King

Now it’s not something you buy in a store

It’s so much more costly cuz He deserves more

He deserves much more than money can buy

Although He’d be pleased with a shirt and a tie

He deserves all that we ever could give

He paid the price so forever we’d live

With Him forever for eternity with Him for always

That’s His plan for us you see

So what is this gift that is fit for a King

What is more precious to Him than anything

What is this one thing to Him you could give

That because of your gift many others might live

With Him forever in eternity,

with Him for always that’s his plan for you and me

this gift we can give was to us first given

until we let go really keeps us from livin

You won’t find it in a window in a case or on a shelf

This gift lies inside you, so please give Him yourself

James DeBerge




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