The foes to Ascendigo proposal have spoken

I’ve observed that only Ascendigo seems to support Ascendigo Ranch in Missouri Heights. I’ve been Googling names of Ascendigo supporters in the paper. Most are involved and directly connected to Ascendigo (CEO, board of directors, employees, contractors, friends, relatives, etc.). They don’t often mention this connection in their remarks. We can only imagine why.

Full disclosure: I manage the webpage for I am a volunteer and part of this grassroots movement, and have stepped up because I feel the same way as my neighbors, not because I was hired to do the job. I am sharing observations discovered in my “back office” IT role. I’m on the web a lot, researching.

Here are a few facts I’ve found about the public opposition to the “Ascendigo Ranch” in Missouri Heights, and although Asendigo would like you to believe that they benefit and are loved by locals, it appears that locals disagree. In my humble opinion, the following demonstrates what locals know.

• The outcome of a recent Aspen Times poll was: 2,339 readers (72%) voted no. Ascendigo Ranch is not a good fit for Missouri Heights; 794 voted yes, 105 said maybe. is approaching 600 signatures.

• Keep Missouri Heights Rural donations exceed $25,000

• Over 170 letters to the editor (approximately 87%), regarding Ascendigo, continue to focus on water concerns, fire concerns, incompatibly, enormous traffic increases, inadequate road infrastructure, “educational use,” and clarifying misrepresentations by Ascendigo. See

Sadly, some Ascendigo supporters are criticizing the residents of Missouri Heights who are fighting to keep Missouri Heights rural (calling us “NIMBY,” etc.). They continue to quote the same misleading information. I know this is often misquoted, but it seems to be a strategy here: “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” … or not.

Keep Missouri Heights rural.

Susan Sullivan