The Fields another dagger to Roaring Fork Valley’s soul |

The Fields another dagger to Roaring Fork Valley’s soul

The Fields “housing plan” — what a joke on many levels. Here is yet another example of Eagle County approving a development that does not affect the majority of the county, just with its coffers being filled. Highway 82, already a mess, will become more congested with this development … and, wait … further upvalley is the development across from Willits!

Who needs a 3,400-square-foot home midvalley? And only 25% of the housing for “affordable” housing. It’s yet another joke, as the housing will benefit “Aspen institutions” such as the music festival and valley fire authority. What about benefiting the service workers?

It won’t be long until the worker bees of the rich and infamous will not be able to work here, as they will not travel from Silt and Rifle. Then what is going to happen?

The authenticity of this valley is about to be gone, thanks to developers!

Wake up, people — we need to stop this development now!

Leary O’Gorman