The Dems have completely lost it

The Democrat governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, is literally begging rich people who have left the state and the city to come back. “You gotta come back,” he says.

Communist Democrat Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York City is threatening to lay off 22,000 city workers if the federal government doesn’t bail him out. His tax revenue has left and moved to safer places. Madison Avenue was empty the other day when a newscaster pointed out that commerce has fallen sharply.

The crime rate is up over 380% in New York City and they are defunding the police $1 billion. What part of this insanity do they not see?

So now the Minneapolis Police Department is telling people how to behave when they are getting robbed. “Be prepared to give up your cellphone and wallet/purse.” This Democrat city council is also defunding the police. I thought the Democrats were bringing us Utopia!

The rioters are burning Bibles now in Portland, Oregon, with no end in sight. The gun-free zones in these Democrat cities are now the most dangerous places in America. Gun sales have gone through the roof with 6 million new gun owners. And if you defend your property in these cities with a gun, you get arrested and the criminal doesn’t get charged. This insanity has to stop.

Vote Republican; it’s safer and less taxing!

John Eaton