The deadly replacement theory |

The deadly replacement theory

The 18-year-old racist murderer who shot down 10 mostly black shoppers at a Buffalo, New York, grocery store revealed in an online rant he was a confirmed believer in the replacement theory. This malicious lie proposes there’s a global elite conspiracy to replace the West’s current white majority with people of color.

This kind of thinking isn’t only morally reprehensible, but I don’t see it happening. Black people don’t dominate the Wall Street boardrooms and the Biden administration has turned away over a million immigrants and asylum seekers at the southern border.

The replacement theory could be a reaction to the recently notorious critical race theory (CRT) that right-wingers are all heated up about for fear it will teach our children to be ashamed of being white. CRT accepts that slavery and the genocide of the Native Americans happened and if whites intend to learn from the mistakes of the past, they must come to grips with those facts.

If European whites are feeling replaced by the darker-complected set, imagine how the Native Americans saw it when those same pale-faced demons ran them off their claim. The uninvited guests not only replaced the indigenous ones, but they slaughtered and sickened them, and attempted to stamp out their culture by kidnapping the Native American children and sending them to boarding schools where the choice was to assimilate or die.

The great Western culture can point to many accomplishments, but if it doesn’t accept and embrace the totality of the brotherhood of man, its future is bleak.

Fred Malo Jr.